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Hawaii Sports Betting

Hawaii Sports Betting Legalization News

Like Utah, Hawaii has no gambling of any type.

So sports betting in Hawaii is probably not in the cards anytime soon and sports bettors, casino players and online poker fans will continue to frequent online operators that service the rest of the world.

There had been an initial push in February 2019 to investigate sports betting in Hawaii. But that quickly fell off the table. They tried again in 2020 with tepid support. So don’t hold your breath… (Read Hawaii legalization updates).

Is sports betting legal in Hawaii?

No. It’s unlikely but supporters continue to try.

Where can I bet at Hawaii sportsbooks?

There are no sportsbooks in Hawaii, but fans have often accessed international online operators.

What about mobile sports betting apps in Hawaii?


What is the legal sports betting age in Hawaii?

Sorry again.

Who is allowed to offer Hawaii sports betting?

Ditto above.

Who regulates or licenses Hawaii sports betting?

No licensing body, no legislation. Although there was a bill from 2019 that was expected to spill over to 2020 for further review and discussion. It was known as Bill HB 1107.

What sports will be favorites of Hawaii sports bettors?

The Rainbow Warriors are a major source of pride for Hawaii sports fans. The team plays in the Mountain West Conference for college sports. Their football team would be the main source of betting interest, although the basketball team is occasionally a challenger in conference play.

There is always a preseason college basketball tournament in November or December hosted by Hawaii-Hilo.

Hawaii sports betting enthusiasts have enjoyed their most success in recent years following the UFC, where Max Holloway and other Hawaiians have excelled. Holloway is one of the top fighters of all time and a many-times champion in the UFC featherweight division (145 pounds). Former champion BJ Penn, Yancey Medeiros, Travis Browne and Brad Tavares have also excelled in the UFC and other fight promotions.