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Kansas Sports Betting Legalization News

The battle to make Kansas sports betting legalization happen is still ongoing, but the main fight is surprisingly between the state’s House and Senate.

Editor Note: Kansas sports betting regulation is a signature away after developments in May 2022. Read more.

The Senate passed bill S283 in February, but rather than work with that bill, the House State and Local Affairs Committee dropped it from the docket to focus on House Bill 2671; their own sports betting bill which has some major fundamental differences.

With both sides needing to find a middle ground, and casinos strongly on one side of the debate, there’s still going to be some time before sports betting is legalized in Kansas.

Is sports betting legal in Kansas?

No. Both the Senate and the House has different bills in play regarding sports betting, with very drastic core differences. There is no timeline for when they can go to conference and create one, unified bill, so there is currently no timeline for when sports betting can be legal in Kansas.

Where can I bet at Kansas sportsbooks?

That remains to be determined, as the Senate’s sports betting bill would allow the four state-owned casinos to exclusively offer sports betting, while the House’s version of the bill would be run through the Kansas Lottery – and contract more than 1,000 retailers.

What about mobile sports betting apps in Kansas?

Kansas hasn’t progressed enough to give an accurate idea of what mobile sports betting apps will be involved, but considering that both the Senate and the House versions of their bill include a higher tax rate on mobile sports betting, the state seems ready to embrace the digital betting world.

What is the legal sports betting age in Kansas?

That is another issue for the state to discuss, as the minimum gambling age (for lottery, bingo and raffles) is 18 years old, while you must be at least 21 years old for off-track betting and entering casinos.

Who is allowed to offer sports betting in Kansas?

That is again up for debate, as the Senate wants sports betting to be exclusive to the four state-owned casinos, while the House wants to open it up to more than 1,000 potential operators.

Who regulates or licenses Kansas sports betting?

While the Senate has SB283 and the House has HB2671, it seems likely that whatever the finished product is, the Kansas Lottery will have some part to play in the licensing and regulation.

What sports will be favorites of Kansas sports bettors?

When it does eventually become law, expect bettors to place a lot of action on NCAA powerhouse Kansas Jayhawks, as well as the Kansas State Wildcats, Wichita State Shockers and the MLS’ Sporting Kansas City.