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Kentucky Sports Betting

Kentucky Sports Betting Legalization News

Kentucky had the interest for sports betting, a governor who wanted sports betting and apparently enough votes in both legislative votes to get it done in 2020.

But it fell apart due to some late protests and the fact the COVID-19 pandemic left Kentucky legislators no time to focus on it. So sports betting (along with daily fantasy sports and online poker) is probably pushed ahead until 2021 and maybe 2022.

Gov. Andy Beshear championed the cause of sports betting and both houses and both Democrats and Republicans pledged their support. But then a late lobby by the Family Foundation of Kentucky stalled things a bit.

Is Kentucky sports betting legal?

Not yet, although it seemed like sports betting was on the horizon for 2020 before things fell apart. The bill can be re-introduced in 2021, but the rules in odd-number years are that a 60% majority is needed to pass a bill, whereas it’s a simple 51% vote in even-number years.

Where can I bet at Kentucky sportsbooks?

As of March 2020, you cannot. You can wager at horse tracks and via online racebook operators, but nothing is currently legal for sports betting, DFS or online poker. The state famously sued some overseas poker operators and seized domains in 2008. A court also awarded the state nearly a billion dollar settlement against the Poker Stars franchise, but that was overturned in 2019.

What about mobile sports betting apps in Kentucky?

Nothing yet, but the fact Kentucky’s sports betting proposal includes DFS, you can presume that online operators such as Draft Kings and FanDuel will be quick off the mark to offer services here eventually. They boast terrific betting apps.

What is the legal sports betting age in Kentucky?

Currently, you must be 18 place a horse bet or play the lottery in Kentucky.

Who is allowed to offer Kentucky sports betting?

The state will decide this if/when a bill finally becomes law.

Who regulates or licenses Kentucky sports betting?

Currently, the Kentucky Department of Charitable Gaming manages gambling in the state. The most recent bill to stall in Kentucky was House Bill 137. View the bill from March 2020.

What sports will be favorites of Kentucky sports bettors?

When you hear ‘Kentucky,’ sports bettors think mainly about two things: the Kentucky Derby and the Kentucky Wildcats college basketball program.