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Minnesota Sports Betting Legalization News

Minnesota legalized sports betting probably isn’t happening anytime soon with all 11 Native American tribes opposed to the current proposals.

Editor Note: Attempts to launch sports betting Minnesota failed in 2022.

The State legislature adjourn in May 2020 with the House and the Senate both introducing bills that failed to gain much traction. Tribes operate all 18 casinos within the state staunchly opposing both renditions of the proposed bill.

One of the biggest reasons Native American tribes are opposed: concerns that online sports wagering will heavily detract from their in-person revenue, as explained by the Minnesota Indian Gaming Association (MIGA). Even a provision to require bettors to register and deposit at land-based casinos in person – a requirement that has stunted growth in other legal sports betting markets – was not enough to sway the vote.

Until they can find a bill that will be supported by one of the state’s most powerful gaming-related voices, legalized sports betting still has a long way to go in Minnesota

Is sports betting legal in Minnesota?

No. The most recent bill introduced by the Senate, SF 1894, has had some amendments made prior to being presented to the Senate State Government Finance and Policy Elections Committee in early March 2020, but it still does not have support from the state’s Native American population, so there has not been much traction made.

Where can I bet at Minnesota sportsbooks?

As listed in the latest version of SF 1894, sports betting licenses can only be offered to the 18 Native American-run casinos, Minnesota’s two racetracks/card rooms and a undetermined amount of online operators.

With so much work to be done (and so many possible changes) between now and a bill being passed into legislature, it is hard to definitively say what the result will be.

What about mobile sports betting apps in Minnesota?

Mobile sports betting is definitely part of the equation in Minnesota, but it’s also one of the primary sticking points between the current bills proposed in legislature and Native American population. The latest amendments of SF 1894 added a requirement for in-person registration of mobile sports wagering accounts, as well as allowing each casino and racetrack to have two individuals partners – each with their own mobile app.

What is the legal sports betting age in Minnesota?

Currently, you must be 18 years old to gamble in Minnesota, although some casinos that serve alcohol having a minimum age of 21 years. That means that the likely sports betting age would be one of those two options as well.

Who is allowed to offer Minnesota sports betting?

Under the current bill in legislature, all of the casinos and racetracks within the state would be allowed to offer legalized sports betting, as well as a yet-to-be-determined number of online operators.

Who regulates or licenses Minnesota sports betting?

According to SF 1894, The Minnesota Sports Wagering Commission would be created as a regulatory body for legalized sports betting. While that may not be the final name of the board, it seems likely that a new oversight board will be created.


What sports will be favorites of Minnesota sports bettors?

Preferred teams within the state include the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings, the NHL’s Minnesota Wild, the Minnesota Timberwolves in the NBA and the MLB’s Twins. For the collegiate fans, expect to see lots of actions on the NCAA’s Minnesota Golden Gophers.