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North Dakota Sports Betting

North Dakota Sports Betting Regulation News

North Dakota officially legalized sports betting at the beginning of December, 2021, with an official launch expected before the end of the year.

Sports betting can legally only take place in tribal casinos in the state. There are currently three tribal casinos which are owned and operated by the Dakota Nation Gaming Enterprise. Currently, in-person retail sports betting is all that is allowed, as the laws that legalized sports betting did not address mobile betting.

Is sports betting legal in North Dakota?

Yes. Laws to legalize sports betting in North Dakota came in effect in December, 2021. While sports betting has been legalized bets can only be made in-person at one of the three tribal casinos in the state.

Two bills were introduced to legislature in 2019, one which would allow full legalized sports betting and one just for professional sports. But both failed to gain any traction, with HB1254 passing through the House, but falling in a landslide 38-7 vote in the Senate.

Where can I bet at North Dakota sportsbooks?

The only legal sports books in the state in the Dakota Nation Sportsbook found at tribal casinos. There are three tribal casinos in the state, owned and operated by the Dakota Nation Gaming Enterprise. They include the Dakota Magic Casino and Hotel in Hankinson, the Dakota Connection in Sisseton and Dakota Sioux in Watertown. Mobile sports betting has not yet been legalized in the state.

What about mobile sports betting apps in North Dakota?

Mobile sports betting remains illegal in North Dakota. All sports betting must take place in-person in a tribal casino.

What is the legal sports betting age in North Dakota?

Currently, you must be 18 years old to purchase a lottery ticket in North Dakota, and 21 years old to enter a casino or place bets on horse/dog racing.

Who is allowed to offer North Dakota sports betting?

Only tribal casinos operated by the Dakota Nation Gaming Enterprise are allowed to offer sports betting. Their three casinos include Dakota Magic Casino and Hotel in Hankinson, the Dakota Connection in Sisseton and Dakota Sioux in Watertown.

The failed HB1254, however, had proposed that legalized sports betting would be offered through any of the state’s current charitable gaming organizations, so there are options for how North Dakota would approach offering legalized sports betting.

Who regulates or licenses North Dakota sports betting?

As proposed in House Bill 1254, organizations wishing to offer legalized sports betting would have to apply through the state attorney general; the current process for applying for any gaming license.

There was no explicit mention on if sports betting would be regulated by the attorney general or if another body would take that responsibility/be created to do so.

What sports will be favorites of North Dakota sports bettors?

College fans would love to be able to place wagers on their hometown schools, the University of North Dakota Fighting Hawks and North Dakota State University Bison. North Dakota does not have any professional sports teams of its own, but neighboring Minnesota does: the NFL’s Vikings, NBA’s Timberwolves, MLB’s Twins and the Wild in the NHL.