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South Carolina Sports Betting

South Carolina Sports Betting Legalization News

There hasn’t been much activity on regulating South Carolina sports betting since early 2019.

A bill called HJR 3409 (link below) was the third piece of legislation to be introduced but none managed to advance in the legislature in this historically restrictive state. It envisioned betting on professional sports and legalized horse racing and casino games.

Previous bills from 2017 appeared to lay the groundwork for South Carolina sports betting legalization by amending the 1895 state constitution, but it now seems like 2022 or later will be the timeline.

Is sports betting legal in South Carolina?

No. But clearly there is interest and pressure from neighboring states, which we feel will inevitably see South Carolina sports betting legalization gain some traction. The state has been restrictive with all forms of gambling, with no casinos and a strong stand against poker as well. So this current inertia is not surprising, but eventually reality and tax dollars will prevail.

Where can I bet at South Carolina sportsbooks?

None at the moment, as bettors are forced to find offshore or overseas options for online betting.

What about mobile sports betting apps in South Carolina?

No sportsbooks, no mobile apps.

What is the legal sports betting age in South Carolina?

This wasn’t established in the proposed legislative pieces, but standard wisdom suggests 21 would be the age.

Who is allowed to offer South Carolina sports betting?

So far, no state regulatory body has been set up to serve this mandate.

Who regulates or licenses South Carolina sports betting?

The state has so little gambling that it doesn’t even have a state gambling commission. Presumably one would be established to license and manage future operators.

South Carolina introduced bill HJR 3409 in early 2019 but it was stalled in the legislature.

What sports will be favorites of South Carolina sports bettors?

South Carolina is football country and the South Carolina Gamecocks of the SEC and Clemson Tigers of the ACC are the pride of the state. However, early iterations of regulation bills made mention only of professional sports. That may lead to exclusion for college sports, or perhaps the college teams within the state.

Coastal Carolina, South Carolina State and The Citadel are other schools competing in college football and college hoops. Darlington Raceway hosts several key NASCAR races each year.

On the pro side, the NFL’s Carolina Panthers, NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes and NBA’s Charlotte Hornets represent both North and South Carolina and are favorite teams of residents.