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NFL Week 9 Football Props: Seahawks vs. Chargers

For the Seattle Seahawks, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster season. They seem to be playing well, but nobody is talking about them as serious playoff contenders. They’re three losses have each been by only one score, and they came dangerously close to handing the Rams their first loss a few weeks back.

Everybody has been talking about the fact the Chargers are 5-2, and that their only losses have come from the Rams and the Chiefs, 2 of the top teams in the NFL. However, their 5 wins have come against the Bills, Browns, Raiders, 49ers and Titans who share a dismal combined record of 10-29-1. They’ve really only experienced the best and the worst of the NFL, which makes this Sunday’s matchup vs the Seahawks so important. Not only will it keep them in the running in the AFC West, but it will offer a chance for them to play a middle of the pack team with a lot to gain from a win. Seattle sits in 2nd in the NFC West behind the Rams, and will need a lot of help if they’re going to catch up.

The Chargers will be rooting for the Browns this weekend, and Seattle will be hoping the Drew Brees can continue his hot streak against the Rams. Both of these teams are in the playoff race for wild card spots, and even possibly as divisional winners, but it will take a lot for them to catch up to their divisional rivals. The Chargers come into Seattle as 1 point favorites, but Everyone knows that the Seahawks at home are a dangerous team.

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Seahawks vs. Chargers Props


NFL Week 6 Football Props: 49ers vs. Packers

NFL Week 6 Football Props: 49ers vs. Packers

It’s been an interesting season for both the Green Bay Packers and the 49ers of San Francisco. Both teams sit at 3rd in their respective divisions, and have produced only 3 combined wins. The 49ers lone win came against the Detroit lions, a team that handed Green Bay its second loss last week. San Francisco has averaged just over 23 points through it’s first five games, so their offense doesn’t seem to be the problem. Their defense however has allowed almost 30 each game, including 28 last week to the struggling Arizona offense. The Packers have also seen there share of struggles. Aaron Rodgers hasn’t been full strength for any of the games thus far. The wide receiver corps is dealing with its share of injuries. And Mason Crosby just came off perhaps his worst kicking performance of his career. Despite all of this, the Packers can hop into second place over the Vikings with a win tonight. Green Bay will has its bye next week. They’ll hope that it can provide some long needed-rest for their offense, as they play the Rams, Patriots, and Dolphins (all teams with 4+ wins) in the following 3 weeks.

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49ers vs. Packers Props