Super Bowl 53 Odds: Updated for Week 12

Key takeaways from week 11:

  • Rams Saints and Chiefs are still favorites to win Super Bowl 53
  • Raiders have the lowest odds at 2500/1
  • Biggest jump: New York Giants (+60%)
  • Biggest drop: Arizona Cardinals (-100%)
  • No change: Raiders, Bills, 49ers, Jets, Browns, Patriots, Rams (0%)

Super Bowl 53 Odds


Updated Super Bowl Odds as of 8/24/18

The buzz around the Browns preseason has moved them from the worst odds at 100/1 to now being a reasonable 66/1 for a team that didn’t win a game last season. Replacing them at the bottom of the totem pole are the Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins all at 150/1. The Jets aren’t far behind at 100/1 so the AFC East has three of the four teams with the lowest odds to win the Super Bowl and, of course, the best odds with the Patriots at 6/1. Check out the rest of the teams with how odds have shifted through many of the major moments of the offseason:

                                                         2/5/18             3/22/18           5/1/18        Current: 8/24/18 

New England Patriots                            5/1                    5/1                    5/1                    6/1

Los Angeles Rams                                18/1                  14/1                  9/1                    17/2

Minnesota Vikings                                 12/1                  9/1                    12/1                  19/2

Pittsburgh Steelers                                12/1                  12/1                  10/1                  19/2

Philadelphia Eagles                               9/1                    17/2                  8/1                    10/1

Green Bay Packers                                9/1                    14/1                  12/1                  11/1

New Orleans Saints                               18/1                  18/1                  22/1                  14/1

Atlanta Falcons                                     18/1                  20/1                  30/1                  15/1

Los Angeles Chargers                           33/1                  33/1                  35/1                  16/1

Houston Texans                                    25/1                  22/1                  25/1                  18/1

Jacksonville Jaguars                             28/1                  22/1                  35/1                  18/1

San Francisco 49ers                              20/1                  14/1                  15/1                  22/1

Dallas Cowboys                                    18/1                  28/1                  30/1                  26/1

Oakland Raiders                                    33/1                  22/1                  30/1                  28/1

Kansas City Chiefs                                28/1                  33/1                  40/1                  33/1

Baltimore Ravens                                  40/1                  50/1                  40/1                  40/1

Carolina Panthers                                  25/1                  33/1                  35/1                  40/1

New York Giants                                   50/1                  50/1                  75/1                  40/1

Denver Broncos                                    33/1                  25/1                  30/1                  45/1

Tennessee Titans                                   50/1                  50/1                  45/1                  45/1     

Seattle Seahawks                                  28/1                  25/1                  30/1                  55/1

Detroit Lions                                         40/1                  50/1                  60/1                  65/1

Cleveland Browns                                  100/1                66/1                  100/1                75/1

Washington Redskins                            50/1                  66/1                  80/1                  75/1

Chicago Bears                                      100/1                80/1                  100/1                80/1

Indianapolis Colts                                  33/1                  60/1                  40/1                  80/1

Cincinnati Bengals                                 66/1                  90/1                  100/1                90/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers                         40/1                  50/1                  65/1                  90/1

New York Jets                                       66/1                  100/1                100/1                100/1

Arizona Cardinals                                  50/1                  66/1                  80/1                  150/1

Buffalo Bills                                          66/1                  66/1                  100/1                150/1

Miami Dolphins                                     66/1                  70/1                  100/1                150/1

Data provided by Bovada

Odds to Win Defensive Rookie of the Year

While the offensive rookie of the year award is often more talked about, the defensive award is just as important. Right now, Broncos DE Bradley Chubb is the favorite. Chubb definitely has the talent, but maybe more importantly, he also has a favorable situation with teams focusing blocking on Von Miller. Check the odds below and let us know who you like a value bet this year:

Odds to win Defensive Rookie of the Year

Bradley Chubb                          4/1

Roquan Smith                           11/2

Tremaine Edmunds                    19/2

Minkah Fitzpatrick                     14/1

Derwin James                           14/1

Denzel Ward                             14/1

Leighton Vander Esch               15/1

Jaire Alexander                         18/1

Marcus Davenport                     18/1

Rashaan Evans                         18/1

Harold Landry                           18/1

Josh Jackson                           20/1

Terrell Edmunds                        28/1

Vita Vea                                    28/1

Carlton Davis                            33/1

Donte Jackson                          33/1

Darius Leonard                          33/1

Da’Ron Payne                           33/1

Jessie Bates                             35/1

Taven Bryan                              35/1

Uchenna Nwosu                        35/1

MJ Stewart                                35/1

Kemoko Turay                           35/1

Mike Hughes                             40/1

Maurice Hurst                            40/1

Isaiah Oliver                              40/1

Breeland Speaks                       66/1

Tyquan Lewis                            70/1

PJ Hall                                      85/1

Data provided by Bovada

Analyzing Win Totals From the Last 10 Years: Underachievers

Remember the kid who would always slack off on the group project when you were in high school? Nobody liked that guy. Over the last 10 seasons, nobody who has bet win total overs has liked this particular set of NFL teams either. This O/U data is normally not available to the public but we painstakingly scraped it from over 100 emails to bring you this chart

This is the second installment of a three part series where we break down the data. The focus: The Underachievers, teams who consistently didn’t make their win total. Of the NFL’s 32 teams, ten fell under their over/under win total at an average rate distinct enough to catch our attention. 

Listed in order of how many wins they miss their projection by, on average, over the last 10 years:

1. Cleveland Browns – 2.2 wins below projection per season (1-8-1 overall)

2. Jacksonville Jaguars – 1.36 wins below projection per season (2-7-1 overall)

3. Los Angeles Rams – 1.25 wins below projection per season (3-7-0 overall)

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 1.15 wins below projection per season (4-5-1 overall)

5. Washington Redskins – 0.95 wins below projection per season (4-6-0 overall)

6. Houston Texans – 0.81 wins below projection per season (6-3-1 overall)

7. Chicago Bears – 0.75 wins below projection per season (3-7-0 overall)

8. New York Giants – 0.7 wins below projection per season (3-6-1 overall)

9. Detroit Lions – 0.7 wins below projection per season (5-5-0 overall)

10. Los Angeles Chargers – 0.65 wins below projection per season (4-6-0 overall)

It’s important to note that most of these teams (save for maybe the Browns) are still very close to their overall projections over the long run. For example, the Jaguars, the second-highest team on this list, have still only lost about 13-14 more games than projected over the last 10 seasons. Oddsmakers know what they’re doing and their job is to force you into hard decisions. Hopefully, with a look at this data in detail, those decisions will be more informed and will seem a little easier.

Just as we pointed out with the Patriots and Steelers on the opposite end of the spectrum, the Browns have been so bad, it’s been hard for oddsmakers to set an U/O line on them. It’s not as if they could have set the line at 0.5 wins last season when Cleveland finished 0-16. 

Their 1-8-1 record is the most lopsided in the league, good or bad (Patriots are best at 7-2-1). They have lost or pushed 90 percent of the time, meaning if you kept pounding the under, you’ve made a lot of money. More importantly, the Browns have the second lowest standard deviation in results of any team in the league. The standard deviation represents consistency. The Browns is low and so is the Pats, whether good or bad, these teams have held steady over the last ten years. 

The Texans, on the other hand, are a team whose results we’re going to throw out the window. Despite hitting the over 6 out of 10 times, they still are averaging 0.81 wins below their projections. What does that tell us? When they hit the over, they do so barely. When they are under on their win projection, they are way under. Add in the uncertainty of what a healthy Deshaun Watson might bring to the table and they are an absolute wild card on the betting scene this year.

We then get to the pair of teams who do not currently embody what they’ve been for the past decade. We’re talking about the Jaguars and Rams. Neither of these teams saw sustained success over the past decade, but each is seemingly on its way up. Each team made the playoffs last year and many expect them both to repeat that performance in 2018. An explanation for why each team underperformed its win projections lies in unreasonably high expectations.

Each has been picked to have multiple breakout years that never came to pass. These high expectations, warranted or not, inflated the U/O line and make them less likely to hit the over. The two teams are a combined 5-14-1 on hitting the over in the last 10 years, but the Rams have been so variable (fourth highest standard deviation in the league), it’s hard to expect them to go under in 2018 purely based on the last 10 years. Again, the Jaguars are such a different team than they have been for the better part of the decade, it’s hard to say the data tells us much about them either.

Two teams the data can help us with are ones consistently in the national spotlight: the New York Giants and Washington Redskins. Each team plays in the NFC East and take up a disproportionate amount of time on talk radio, TV, and in media coverage in general. They play in huge markets and expectations often are inflated based on that. While playing in the NFC East, which has consistently seen nine-win teams win the division and in which everyone beats up on one another, it’s hard to hit your win projections.

As far as standard deviation goes, these two teams are right in the middle of the pack, meaning they don’t fluctuate all that often from one end of the win-total spectrum to the other. They’re a combined 7-12-1 at hitting their win projections. There is reason to believe we can draw some value from the data for these teams; we will touch on that later.

For now, we are left with the Bears, Lions, and Chargers, teams that haven’t made much noise over the past decade. For most of those 10 years, each team had a steady quarterback at the helm, hardly what you’d expect for teams consistently missing on their win projections.

However, the Bears and Chargers have low standard deviations in their results, suggesting they were consistent in going under their projected win totals. This is evidenced by their combined 7-13-0 record on overs. The Lions are more variable and even though they’re on the list of underachievers, their record is 5-5-0 against their win projections, suggesting they flip flop too much to dependably bet on.

Now, of course, we want to apply this data to 2018. In our final article of the series based on this data, we will look at the best U/O bets for the 2018 season. For now, we will look at the U/O projections for this group of 10 for the upcoming year:

Over/unders for 2018:

Cleveland Browns – 5.5

Jacksonville Jaguars – 9

Los Angeles Rams – 10

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 6.5

Washington Redskins – 7

Houston Texans – 8.5

Chicago Bears – 6.5

New York Giants – 7

Detroit Lions – 7.5

Los Angeles Chargers – 9.5

Data provided by Bovada

The top tier on this list includes the Rams, Chargers, and Jaguars, all of whom oddsmakers expect to win at least nine games this season. As mentioned in the overachievers article, it’s tough to reasonably bet over or under on a team projected in the double digits. As for the Chargers, 9.5 wins seems like a lofty projection. Their underachiever status is among the most reliable of any on this list and expecting 10 wins, even from a team who got red hot last season, is optimistic.

Then, you have the Jaguars, who may just have the best defense in football. Their division is so unpredictable with the Texans getting Watson back, the Colts potentially getting Andrew Luck back, and the Titans completely changing the offense they run. It’s hard to tell where the Jaguars fit into that mix. They certainly appear to be one of the best teams in the AFC on paper, but perhaps not enough to comfortably say they will hit their nine-win projection.

Speaking of Watson, oddsmakers clearly expect a lot out of the Houston QB, who is coming off a torn ACL for the Texans. Their win projection of 8.5 says oddsmakers are on the verge of calling Houston a playoff team. If you believe Watson will be as electric as he was before his injury, this could be a nice play for you.

After that, we have teams that oddsmakers expect to finish just below .500: the Lions (7.5), Redskins (7), and Giants (7). Detroit has a steady quarterback, Washington has a new quarterback, and New York has an aging quarterback. If you think the Packers and Vikings will each be the real deal this year, getting to eight wins might be tough for Detroit, having to play those two teams a combined four times. Washington seems to be a trendy pick to make some noise this year with Alex Smith under center, but losing rookie RB Derrius Guice hurts the team, but the injury didn’t change the Washington line.

An outlier here appears to be the Giants. Expecting seven wins out of a team that went 3-13 a year ago is a stretch. Eli Manning has been in the bottom half of NFL quarterbacks for the last few years and there is no steady replacement waiting in the wings. Sure, the team added star running back Saquon Barkley in the draft, but if Manning can’t makes plays consistently, teams will stack eight in the box and Barkley’s effectiveness will be diminished. Unless you’re really buying into the Barkley hype train, this seems like another season you could profit by exposing east coast bias and taking the Giants under.

Then, there are the teams toward the bottom of projections on this list: the Bears (6.5), Buccaneers (6.5), and Browns (5.5). Chicago appears to be headed in the right direction with QB Mitch Trubisky in his second year in the offense and with the team adding weapons like WR Allen Robinson and rookie WR Anthony Miller (being compared to Antonio Brown by some). 

The Buccaneers are in a very different situation. QB Jameis Winston is suspended for the first four games of the regular season and head coach Dirk Koetter appears to be squarely on the hot seat. In a strong division and without much leadership in the locker room, asking seven wins of the Bucs looks to be a tall order. 

Perhaps the most interesting team coming into this season is the Browns. Can they really go from zero to six wins in one year? Based on the talent they’ve added, they just might be able to. It’s hard to depend on either Tyrod Taylor or rookie QB Baker Mayfield, but with WR Josh Gordon back for a full year and the defense looking stout, anything is possible.

There are even rumblings Cleveland could add embattled receiver Dez Bryant to the mix. With all of this being said, the Browns are likely to fall so close to their projection, it might not be worth the risk. It all depends on if you’re buying the excitement coming from a team that failed to win a game a season ago. The data says: don’t buy the hype. 

NFL Defensive Player of the Year Odds

JJ Watt                         5/1

Joey Bosa                    11/2

Aaron Donald                11/2

Khalil Mack                   11/2

Von Miller                     9/1

Jalen Ramsey               14/1

Luke Kuechley               22/1

Cameron Jordan            22/1

DeMarcus Lawrence      22/1

Chandler Jones             30/1

Calais Campbell            33/1

Fletcher Cox                 33/1

Myles Garrett                33/1

Harrison Smith              33/1

Bobby Wagner              35/1

Tyrann Mathieu              40/1

Xavier Rhodes              40/1

Bradley Chubb              50/1

Jadaveon Clowney        50/1

Myles Jack                   50/1

Marshon Lattimore         50/1

CJ Mosley                    60/1

Deion Jones                 66/1

Eric Berry                      75/1

Everson Griffen             75/1

Malik Hooker                 75/1

Telvin Smith                  75/1

Marcus Peters               75/1

Stephon Tuitt                80/1

Kwon Alexander            85/1

Roquan Smith               85/1

Keanu Neaul                  90/1

Other players available on request

Data provided by Bovada

Notes: Two of the top four players still do not have contracts. (Aaron Donald, Rams; Khalil Mack, Raiders)

Jalen Ramsey is the only secondary player with odds better than 33/1 where safeties Harrison Smith and Bobby Wagner sit. 

Super Bowl Odds for Every Team Updated Weekly

The preseason has almost begun and that means it is time to place some wagers on the big game that will happen six months for now. In the table below are all the odds for possible Super Bowl champions alongside their odds when the wagers first opened. See how the offseason and the draft may have positively or negatively affected teams odds in the table below:

Data Provided by Westgate

[table id=14 /]

Five Players With Favorable Preseason Awards Odds

So we’ve got you prepared to bet on the preseason, but that’s still a couple weeks away and you’re growing impatient. All good, you can still throw some money down on NFL action right now, but even if you’re successful you won’t get paid out for those bets until the new year.

Futures odds are available all over the internet to those who think they know how certain teams and/or players will fare in 2018. Last week, we combed through those numbers to identify five particularly enticing teams that might be worth gambling on this summer. This week, we’re looking at player awards odds.

Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford (+3300 to win MVP)

Merely reaching his prime at the age of 30, Stafford has played the best football of his career in the post-Calvin Johnson era. Now he’s about the same age as Matt Ryan was in Ryan’s MVP season in 2016, and Stafford is coming off the highest-rated campaign of his nine-year career.

That makes him a hell of an intriguing bet at +3300, odds that are lower than 15 other NFL quarterbacks including Jimmy Garoppolo (who has started seven NFL games), Deshaun Watson (who has started six and is coming off a torn ACL) and Andrew Luck (coming off a lost season due to a major shoulder injury).

Los Angeles Rams RB Todd Gurley (+4000 to win MVP)

It’s a little silly that 17 quarterbacks have better MVP odds than the reigning offensive player of the year.

Gurley’s odds were never going to be high because he’s not a quarterback and quarterbacks have won MVP in 10 of the last 11 seasons. But the only non-quarterbacks to win the award this century were Shaun Alexander, LaDainian Tomlinson and Adrian Peterson, all of whom — you guessed it — played running back.

And Gurley is undoubtedly the most MVP-worthy back in the league entering 2018. He’s coming off a year in which he won offensive player of the year at the age of 23, and in that stacked Rams offense he could be in a position to build on a 2,093-scrimmage-yard, 19-touchdown campaign.

Chicago Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky (+9000 to win MVP)

Obviously Trubisky is extremely unlikely to win MVP in his second season, but the 2017 No. 2 overall pick could certainly be in a position to break out with a Jared Goff-like 2018 campaign. He’s surrounded by new weapons and should benefit greatly from new head coach Matt Nagy, and there were signs he was coming around late in his quiet rookie campaign.

Considering that Jameis Winston is at +5000, Patrick Mahomes is at +5500 and Blake freakin’ Bortles is at +6600, +9000 for Trubisky is worth at least a throwaway bet this summer.

Denver Broncos RB Royce Freeman (+1800 to win offensive rookie of the year)

Running backs have actually won three of the last five offensive rookie of the year awards, and it never hurts to look beyond first-round picks in this case. Neither 2013 winner Eddie Lacy nor 2017 winner Alvin Kamara were top-60 draft picks, and 2017 runner-up Kareem Hunt was a third-round selection.

Freeman could be this year’s Kamara or Hunt. The third-rounder out of Oregon is ready to make a huge impact after serving as a four-year starter in the Pac-12, where he went over 1,300 yards on three occasions and averaged 5.9 yards per carry. He’s got the frame, the strength and the résumé, and the team’s decision to release C.J. Anderson in April indicates Freeman will have a shot at playing a substantial role right away.

Nine rookies have better OROY odds than he does.

New Orleans Saints DE Marcus Davenport (+1000 to win defensive rookie of the year)

It’s fair to wonder if Davenport is a bit of a raw project after recording a mere 8.5 sacks as a senior at Texas-San Antonio, which is why his defensive rookie of the year odds are lower than six first-year players including lower picks Tremaine Edmunds and Derwin James.

But the Saints performed magic in last year’s draft, which resulted in them becoming the first team in half a century to possess both the offensive and defensive player of the year. And they obviously believe Davenport can do big things right off the bat because they sacrificed two first-round picks for the guy.

Saints head coach Sean Payton has stated that he feels the 21-year-old can help the team “right now,” which could give him a chance to compile enough sacks opposite Cameron Jordan to make a strong run at DROY.

Who's Under Center – Odds for NFL QB Jobs

Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback in Week 1 of 2018 regular season
Sam Bradford -320
Josh Rosen +270
Mike Glennon +1740
Buffalo Bills starting quarterback in Week 1 of 2018 regular season
A.J. McCarron -150
Josh Allen +160
Nathan Peterman +820
Cleveland Browns starting quarterback in Week 1 of 2018 regular season
Tyrod Taylor -600
Baker Mayfield +370
New York Jets starting quarterback in Week 1 of 2018 regular season
Josh McCown -120
Teddy Bridgewater +200
Sam Darnold +360
Note: Four quarterbacks were drafted in the first ten picks of this year’s NFL draft but not a single one is favored to start week one. 
Data provided by BetDSI.