Expected Value In Sports Betting (EV), Explained In Understandable Terms

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It’s very easy to lose money betting on sports. Losing wagers may still provide good entertainment for a few hours, but people wanting to actually make money need discipline and at least a basic understanding of math and probability.

Some bettors consider themselves “Positive EV” or +EV bettors, referring to positive expected value. There’s a bunch of articles on the subject that are too complex, especially for those not mathematically inclined. So if you’re encountering EV principles for the first time or need a refresher, we’re pleased to share what’s below by Mr. Berryhorse, which should be digestible by sports bettors of all levels.


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Sports Betting And Injuries In College Football: Separating Good Information From Noise

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Many serious college and professional football bettors have long believed that it’s imperative to consider injuries before pushing the cash across the counter or hitting the “make bet” button on the phone app or computer. Others believe bookmakers have built injuries into the offered betting lines, rendering monitoring of injuries a waste of time and effort.

Although injury information can sometimes be sparse or inaccurate, perhaps attributable to coaching gamesmanship, lots of experienced bettors believe when money is at stake, you’d better pay attention.

Right now in collegiate athletics, there is no conference that provides injury information on its players, in part due to concerns over privacy laws. However in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling in May striking down the federal ban on full-fledged sports wagering outside Nevada, numerous coaches and NCAA athletic directors in major and minor conferences have signaled a tide turn and the possible if not likely future sharing of injury reports.

Elite 8 College Football Sports Betting And Gambling Podcasts

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The NCAA college football season is underway and you’re looking for more good sources of information and analysis to inform your bets. You’ve come to the right place as we’ve listened to hours of podcasting and prognosticating to bring you our picks for the best sports betting podcasts covering college football.

The pods run the gamut from quick listens to deep dives, from analytics to more holistic-minded approaches. Some with more jokes, others with fewer. To make some suggestions for additions, hit us up at @sports_handle. (And check out here for our list of top sports betting podcasts unspecific to a particular sport.) In no particular order or ranking:

Best College Football Sports Betting Podcasts — Analytics, Matchups And More of Various Run Times

best cfb sports betting podcasts elite 8
Tune in to improve your handicapping and bankroll.

‘The Sharp 600’

Listen on iTunes here and on Stitcher here

If you’re pressed for time, look no further than The Sharp 600. The show motto is, “Give us 10 minutes and we’ll give you the arsenal necessary to successfully navigate the sports betting market.” Sometimes they’ll run heavy to 15-18 minutes but you get the idea — it’s concise.

Brought to you by San Francisco sports radio host Covers.com analyst Joe Fortenbaugh, during football season you’ll find a pod once a week about the college football slate. Fortenbaugh provides a variety of statistics, trends and perspectives on the betting market, and will give out best bets for that week with close with quick justifications. Fortenbaugh brings in high-quality guests, which have included respected oddsmaker Chris Andrews, the sportsbook director of the South Point Hotel & Casino; also VSiN guys Joe Ostrowski and Gill Alexander, data analyst Ed Fang, pro handicappers and many more.

‘Bet the Board’

Listen on iTunes here and or at Soundcloud here.

A stark contrast from Sharp 600 timewise, Bet the Board is for folks who want to dive for serious depth and an understanding of college football matchups, personnel, coaching styles and tendencies, advanced stats, player mentalities, the betting market and beyond.  In their college football previews that ran between 90 minute and two hours, the tandem of host Todd Fuhrman and pro bettor/handicapper PayneInsider covered all the power conferences for examinations of key metrics, information and schedule analysis to inform totals and future bets. 

You can find Fuhrman on SI.com, CBS and now FOX Sports 1 on the new show “Lock It In.” During the season, they put out their college football podcasts on Wednesdays, covering exciting Top 25 clashes clashes and others games presenting value. They won’t cover every game, but select contests in greater detail. The pod is more of a college football full anal cavity with a typical run time about and hour or 1:15. Keep in mind they aren’t going to spoon feed you picks — rather, information and guidance, with picks here and there.

ESPN Chalk’s ‘Behind the Bets’

Listen on iTunes here and get the podcast archive at ESPN right here

Hosted by ESPN Chalk editor Ben Fawkes alongside fellow ESPN-ers Doug Kezirian, Chris “The Bear” Fallica, and “Stanford” Steve Coughlin, this foursome (not all at the same time) takes on the sports betting world — with a heavy focus on college football by Coughlin and Fallica. (BTB also covers an array of events and sports wagering topics.)

Stanford Steve appears on Scott Van Pelt’s “Bad Beats” segment and writes a weekly picks column during the college football season for Chalk. And you’ve seen The Bear on College Gameday on TV or perhaps in person. Put simply, these college football gurus are plugged into everything happening in the college game — from X’s and O’s, depth charts, coaching changes, team tendencies and more. They’re well-versed and have good chemistry, typically breaking down games involving teams in the power conferences — the SEC, PAC 12, ACC, Big 12 and Big 10. And from an information standpoint, they also have ESPN’s lineup of dedicated power conference reporters at their disposal.

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