The Analyst: In-Game Wagering One Of Best Bets To Make

For most casual sports bettors, making a bet on a game has less to do with careful analysis and seeking the best value for their bet and more to do with simply wanting to increase their excitement and interest in a particular game.

For the professional sports bettors, enthusiasm for a game is a distraction while they are gathering and studying information looking for advantages where the book has a bad line on a game or is behind in updating a line for new information related to a game.  Then there are my favorites, the math geeks who just look for opportunities in the wide range of lines available or connected to a team and or a particular game and look for opportunities to get plus money on both sides of a game.

Often times professional bettors are stigmatized as guys who are either trying to manipulate a betting line, or that pay for secret information on a team or players, or in the extreme that they might even fix a game or even try to delay when the books might learn of an important piece of game related information so that they can get a bet down first. In the old days (before cell phones and internet), when you got a piece of useful information you could take a little time to figure out how to best use the information, presuming the information of course was good. Which begs an interesting question “when is advance information cheating or not or is it simply survival of the fittest.”

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The Analyst: Mobile Apps Changing Game For Bettors’ Habits

Profits in any casino game comes from the volume of activity in the category of the wager. Sounds profound, but the principle is simple. Let’s say one person makes one bet of $100,000 on a casino game that has a 5 percent casino advantage.

With one bet, the bettor either wins or loses $100,000 conversely the casino either wins or loses $100,000. However, if 2,000 people each make a $5 wager on the same casino game for total wagers of $100,000 the likely result is that the casino will win a net of $5,000, which is the casino game’s advantage of 5 percent.

The 5 percent game advantage against the volume of 2,000 $5 bets allows that math of the game to work and provides the casino an expectation of the win that allows the casino to operate. With most casino games the casino win comes from multiple similar bets repeatedly made.

In slots and video poker games some serious players can play several hundred games in an hour. In blackjack, a fast player can play between 90 and 120 hands an hour,. But in the sports book, the number of bets a gambler can make tends to be limited to their bankroll and how many games are available to bet and often is in the form of three or four bets for a three to four-hour period. Add the challenge of standing in line to make a bet the process itself slows the betting opportunities for the gambler.


The Analyst: Good Marketing Combo: Sports Teams, Sportsbooks

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It was not that long ago here in the United States that the idea of professional sports teams partnering with casinos, sportsbooks or online betting sites would seem as likely as seeing a dog and cat dancing the Merengue together. Part of the reason was the federal ban on sports wagering and of course the fear by the sports leagues that relationships with gaming houses would somehow taint their sport and cast a shady image on them. But wow, what a difference a Supreme Court ruling can make.

Though it was years in the making and purely a by-product of the nationwide acceptance of gaming as an everyday form of recreation that the pall and image of gambling being a back room, mob run shady operation was lifted. That lift of the social stigma fostered a change of image for gambling and probably as much as the facts of law inspired the Supreme Court to recognize and overturn the federal ban on sports wagering.

While the Court’s ruling returned certain state’s rights of self-determination, it also helped tip national acceptance of wagering as a legitimate business and made it very possible for professional sports teams and gambling houses to engage in various types of marketing relationships.

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The Analyst: Go East Young Bookie!

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Back in the 1800’s Horace Greely was credited with the popular phrase “Go West Young Man, Go West” when offering advice about going west to seek fortune and opportunity. If Horace Greeley were alive today and were offering advice to those interested in the business of sports wagering, I suspect, and would bet serious dollars, he would modify his famous quote and post to a Twitter account: “Go East Young Bookie, Go East!”

As jurisdictions on the east coast of the United States embrace and welcome full on sports wagering it will only be a function of time before the national and international gaming operators wake up and realize, no different than the stock market, they will need their line makers and risk managers for their sportsbook operations to be based on the east coast or else start making those folks get into their Las Vegas offices by 5 a.m.

Consider this simple reality: there are nearly 60 million people and the highest concentration of professional sports in the north east United States, and those bettors are not likely to want to wait until 11 a.m. or noon on the east coast to start getting their bets down.

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