NFL Week 8 Stat Recap Table: QB, RB and WR

NFL Week 8 Stat Recap Table: QB, RB and WR

Another day, another quarterback change in Tampa Bay. It’s not often that teams bench a starter, try someone else at the position, and then go back to the original starter. And yet, Ryan Fitzpatrick will be starting next week vs. the Panthers. Keep in mind, he led the Buccaneers to a 2-0 start, beating the defending champs and handing New Orleans their only loss. Then he almost led a miraculous 2nd half comeback following a dismal first half performance vs the Steelers. Week 4 is where it really went down hill. He went 9/18 for 126 yards and 1 interception, and was benched for Jameis Winston. Since then, it appeared that Tampa Bay was set on Winston as a starter, but here we are awaiting what Fitzmagic can produce vs. a hot Carolina team in week 9.

Also, the Houston Texans have won their last 5 games.

Notable Performances

  • Deshaun Watson tossed 239 yards and 5 touchdowns
  • Patrick Mahomes tossed for 303 yards and 4 touchdowns
  • Marlon Mack, Joe Mixon, and James Connor all rushed for 100+ yards and 2 touchdowns
  • 12 Players with 100+ receiving yards
  • 6 Players with 2 receiving touchdowns