SuperContest Contestants Crush In Week 8, Average Over 3 Correct Picks Apiece

Westgate Las Vegas Supercontest players in NFL Week 8 turned in a season-high performance, averaging 3.04 points with nearly 10 percent of the field scoring a perfect 5-0.  A total of 270 of the 3,123-entrant field notched 5 points as the top six most popular sides covered the spread this week.

Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley’s wise football decision to hit the ground and kill the clock rather than cruise into the end zone against the Packers, while leading 29-27 in the waning seconds, had no impact on the 9.5-point SuperContest spread. Even if Gurley had punched it in, the Rams would have kicked the extra point, making the margin 9 at most.

And the Packers +9.5 coming off their bye at the undefeated Rams was the most popular side, by the way. Nearly 40 percent of the pool put their faith in Aaron Rodgers in a spot where his Packers were the biggest point-spread underdog in his career. Here’s the Week 8 sports betting snapshot, then we’ll dig into more of the key decisions this week.

  • Favorites vs Underdogs (ATS): 8-6
  • Home vs Away (ATS): 5-9
  • Over/Under record: 45-9
  • Straight up underdog wins: 3


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Consensus Favorites Leash Dogs In Week 7 of NFL SuperContest

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The New York Giants delivered more agita on Monday night for scores of Giants fans but in the end, with five ticks remaining, Big Blue came through for the bettors on a late Eli Manning touchdown strike to Odell Beckham Jr. from short range.

The TD narrowed the score 23-18 in the Falcons’ favor, which actually sealed the cover in the Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest, in which the spread locked at 5.5.  For spread bettors outside the SuperContest, the Giants’ successful two-point conversion resulting in a 23-20 final would have given most/all Giants backers at cover as the line floated and closed around 3.5 or 4 at most shops.

Everything else being equal on the time-space-football continuum, Giants head coach Pat Shurmur’s earlier analytics-driven decision to go for a two-point conversion (which failed) when the Giants trailed 20-12, did not ultimately impact the SuperContest spread. But it certainly made the final Saquon Barkley two-point rushing plunge a spread-tastic conclusion to MNF game between two teams going nowhere.

Overall, four of the top five consensus SuperContest picks (figures via FantasySuperContest) were favorites who covered the number — the Vikings, Patriots, Chiefs and Lions. Here’s a snapshot of Week 7 and then we’ll get into some specifics.

  • Favorites vs Underdogs (ATS): 7-7
  • Home vs Away (ATS): 4-10
  • Over/Under record: 4-10
  • Straight up underdog wins:  4

Consensus Picks Shredded In Rough Week 6 In NFL SuperContest

To round out NFL Week 6, the Green Bay Packers (-9.5) gave little hint of a cover on Monday night against the visiting San Francisco 49ers in another vintage Aaron Rodgers performance in which the QB brought the Pack back from 30-23 for a 33-30 win as time expired.

Together with the Chiefs-Patriots Arena Football League-themed game on Sunday night, teams in the two primetime games combined for 146 points scored. But back to the point spreads that decide fates in the 3,120 player field competing for a $1.5 million top prize in the Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest: It was not a pretty picture for the most popular teams this week, which went 1-4 overall, the lone cover coming courtesy Pittsburgh at Cincinnati.

Contestants collected a respectable 2.4 with two points apiece, a step up from Week 5’s 2.24, but let’s dig into what went wrong for top consensus picks New England, Jacksonville, Chicago and Indianapolis (figures via FantasySuperContest). Here’s the weekly snapshot, then we’ll dig into the consensus picks and a bit more below:

  • Favorites vs Underdogs (ATS): 9-5-1
  • Home vs Away (ATS): 6-8-1
  • Over/Under record: 10-6
  • Straight up underdog wins:  5

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SuperContest Contestants Maintain Pace As Top Consensus Pick Deliver


Overall in NFL Week 4, contestants in the $1,500 entry Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest nearly matched to the decimal their performances in Weeks 1 and 3, when they scored an average 2.70 and 2.77 points respectively.

Players in the 3,120 field competing for a (roughly) $1.5 million top prize collected an average 2.76 points this week (figures via FantasySuperContest) as the top five consensus picks went 3-2 — the fifth most popular selection being Colts -1 vs. Texans in what was nearly a miraculous Colts overtime cover.

At the top of the leaderboard, players ranked 14 and up are all hitting at 80 percent or better, with the leader SHABOOM at 17-3 (85 percent). Very impressive but regression is coming, as previous first-place winners settled around 70 percent.

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SuperContest Contestants Bounce Back After Week 2 Drubbing

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In NFL Week 2, the underdogs bit hard with an 11-5 performance against the spread and seven outright victories. That outcome walloped contestants in the Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest, holding the average entry to just 1.93 correct picks out of 5. NFL Week 3 went much better for the players, who picked up an average 2.70 points (remember a push is 0.5 points), a shade behind Week 1’s 2.77-point performance (figures via FantasySuperContest).

Unlike last week where each of the top five consensus picks failed to cover (and lost outright), the top three consensus picks this week all covered the number.

There was not a single unblemished entry remaining after Week 2 among the 3,000-plus entry field. Today the overall pool co-leaders are a pack of five, each at 13-2. Here’s the weekly snapshot, then we’ll dig into the consensus picks and a bit more below:

  • Favorites vs Underdogs (ATS):  9-7
  • Home vs Away (ATS): 10-6
  • Over/Under record: 8-8
  • Straight up underdog wins: 6

22 Go Perfect In SuperContest Week 1 As Consensus Picks Roll

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While you may have been sleeping on the East Coast, the Los Angeles Rams let the Oakland Raiders hang around a while before racking up 23 second half points in a 33-13 beatdown. Favored by 4 based on the static SuperContest lines (the line closed around 6), the Rams easily covered after falling behind 13-10 at halftime.

The Rams win gave roughly one-third of the pool a W, according to stats compiled by FantasySuperContest, in a Week 1 in which 22 of the record field of 3,123 Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest entries finished a perfect 5-0 and players picked up a average 2.43 points.

Here’s the against-the-spread record (and other records) for the NFL’s Week 1 (referencing non-static lines as in the SuperContest). Then we’ll get to the SuperContest selections and look closer at the results:

  • Favorites vs Underdogs (ATS): 7-8-1
  • Home vs Away (ATS): 9-6-1
  • Over/Under record: 9-7
  • Straight up underdog wins: 4

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Las Vegas Westgate SuperContest On Record Pace As Winner Will Again Be Millionaire

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The Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest is on pace to have another record-breaking  year – and a second $1 million winner. The 29-year-old contest continues to see rapid growth and as of late last week, according to Westgate’s Vice President Race & Sports Operations, Jay Kornegay, the SuperContest and SuperContest Gold are on pace to attract a record number of entrants.

Last year, the winner, whose handle was ‘Grannys Boy’ won $1.3 million by beating 2,747 other entrants to walk away with the grand prize. He had a 72 percent winning percentage and followed a barista who won $905,000 and took the bus to the Westgate to collect his winnings in 2016. As of Sept. 2, 2,500 entrants had registered for the SuperContest, ahead of last year’s pace,.

The two-year-old SuperContest Gold had 81 contestants in 2017, and as of Sept. 2, 94 are registered for 2018. Kornegay estimates there will be 100 or more participants.

Sports Betting SuperContest Saw a Huge Boom With the Advent of Social Media.


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SuperBook to Announce Expansion Details in Nevada and Beyond

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Paragon Gaming will take its “SuperBook” brand on the road, and expand beyond the company’s Westgate Las Vegas Casino & Resort, Jay Kornegay, the Westgate SuperBook’s Vice President of Race and Sports Operations told Sports Handle on Thursday. A formal announcement will be made Sept. 5., but the plan is to take the SuperBook brand to locations throughout Nevada as well as other states that have legalized sports betting, and possibly those that are heading in that direction.

“We’re separating ourselves from (the Westgate name), and we’re looking to go into other states and will operate as ‘SuperBook,’” Kornegay said. “So it would be like, ‘the SuperBook at Del Mar,’ for example. We’ve been working on this for months.”

While Kornegay wouldn’t specify where outside of the Nevada that Paragon is looking at expansion, he did say that the company has been talking to potential partners “on a daily basis.” He went on to say that he’d expect the first independent SuperBook to open within a few months. Deals are already in place with several Nevada locations, and the company continues to talk with operators in other states.

SuperBook Will Expand Its Sports Betting Expertise From Las Vegas to Other Parts of Nevada, and States With Legalized Sports Betting.

According to a story in the Las Vegas Journal-Review earlier this month, Kornegay will run the show along with Geno Iafrate, the former Westgate general manager, who will now have an executive spot in the new company, which will be be a part of the Westgate empire.

“There will be a huge market swarming to these new, legal sports books, spreading across the country,” Kornegay told the Journal-Review. “I feel the expansion of sports gaming will follow the same path as the cellphone business. It’s infant stages in this country now, but we’ll see sports gaming options almost on every corner someday. It’ll be like the U.K., where they’re as common as barbershops.”


SuperBook would join companies like William Hill,  which has signed deals to operate sportsbooks for existing casinos in states that have legalized sports betting since the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was deemed unconstitutional in May. William Hill has been running the sportsbook at New Jersey’s Monmouth Park since the Garden State took its first sports bet earlier this summer. It also has deals in place in Mississippi and West Virginia, which will kick off sports betting Saturday. In addition, William Hill will partner with IGT to run the sportsbooks in Rhode Island, when sports betting begins. IGT will provide the sports wagering platform.

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Schumer Joins Hatch in Pushing for Federal Sports Betting Framework

What Sports Bettors Need To Know About Football Handicapping Contests

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One of the major drivers of sports betting handle in Nevada has been football handicapping contests. In Part One, we presented a history of this under-appreciated foundation of football wagering.

Such contests helped grow sports wagering’s popularity in the Silver State and will likely be offered to attract bettors in emerging legal sports betting markets nationwide.

But before you enter such a contest, there are some keys worth considering in the pursuit of a big prize — and the pride of winning such a contest.

NFL Lines Pick ‘Em Contests: Finding the Contest That Works For You

nfl lines pick em contests sports betting

When considering entering a football contest, keep in mind that a high entry fee translates to fewer entrants, but a bigger cash payout to those who pick the most winners. These contests usually require entrants to pick against the spread. A win percentage above 60 percent is often enough to win lower-entry affairs. They usually only include NFL games on Sunday and Monday night. If you prefer to bet college games, they are not a part of most contests because of the more volatile point spreads in the college game, compared to the pros.

Part of the appeal of any contest is that it appears easier to pick winners than it really is. Big-money contests are a serious handicapping challenge, even for the best in the business. A casual player in any contest must always consider the competition. If you risk $1,000 or more to enter, you are likely to be facing off against the best-of-the-best.

Can You Really Beat Them?

These professional or semi-professional football bettors do their homework, watch All-22 films, and consider the market and their selections carefully. They often have multiple entries and if their pockets are deep enough, will utilize friends and family members to add even more.

With a lone entry, it’s a major accomplishment to win because players with multiple entries or syndicates can isolate the best plays and then “dutch” — the term for playing both sides of a game — thereby increasing their chances of picking more winners than you can on one or two entries.

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It takes skill and a bit of luck to win a big-money, high-entry fee contest($1,500) such as the Las Vegas Westgate’s SuperContest, which paid $1.3 million to first place winner in 2017, in a field of 2,748. Entrants in the Westgate’s SuperContest Gold ponied up $5,000 apiece in the winner-take all tournament. If you are relying on luck alone, the others may have you a major disadvantage.

Playing a “No-Spread” Contest

The more casual player may want to look for a no-spread football contest with a smaller entry fee, such as one in which buying four entries gets you a fifth one free. In such contests you just need to pick winners, never mind the spread.

Now, you may be able to play both sides of evenly matched teams just like the pros do. However, now your problem becomes the sheer number of entrants you have to beat.  The lower-cost, no-spread contests in a major casino/resort may boast more than 100,000 entries. Many entrants will pick only the favorites. Such contests typically offer weekly prizes that get divided between hundreds of winners, and can result in a pocket change reward.

Being the sole weekly winner in any weekly subset of a no-spread contest is very rare and can only happen when numerous underdogs win outright. If you pick too many underdogs during a week when favorites win, you seriously undermine your chances for a significant year-end prize. The spreads exist for a reason. Then again, if you zig when others zag and the underdogs string together a good week or a season, you stand to climb the standings and fetch a real prize while others blindly back the favorites. 

For all of these reasons, a no-spread contest should be generally regarded as entertainment with the idea of taking any serious cash home only a by-product of the fun. Such contests are enjoyable because they make the games more interesting. You can win. Just don’t count on it.

Bar Cards at your Neighborhood Tavern


A third kind of contest exists at some local bars or restaurants and is usually completely free. These established may offer a big prize, perhaps as much as $10,000, for perfect card. That might mean getting 16-of-16 games against the spread, perhaps more using totals. The Monday night game total is often used on a “bar contest card” as a tie-breaker, but usually totals are not part of the higher-end or mass-market competitions.

Your local bar may offer smaller prizes and swag to the customer who picks the most winners each week, but usually these are weekly contests, with no year-end prize for the most winners. Again, these kinds of contests are used to get customers to come back and reward those that do. If you can determine how many entrants a contest has, you can better determine if it’s worth your time to enter.

These contests generally have fewer entrants and although the grand prize for a perfect card is almost never awarded, they can still make watching the games more enjoyable. Many regard sports betting as a social activity and contests can make a few hours watching the games with friends at a local pub more fun than ever.

Final Thoughts

nfl lines pick em contests sports betting parlay cards

Many of the contests that will spring up near you will be played using a kiosk. For better or worse, the mass appeal, low-entry fee or free competitions are now largely marketing tools to get you to come back to the casino again and again. That sportsbook near you wants your physical address and e-mail address so they can advertise to you. They may even sell that information to a third party. These kinds of contest almost always require a visit to the book and are not available online.

An internet-only contest, and there are many out there, will have so many entrants your chances of winning are greatly diminished. Again, your e-mail address is required, so get ready to get bombarded by offers for all manner of products and services.

Many contests use the Monday night total as a tie-breaker, so it’s important to spend a few moments making this selection. It can be the difference between a little cash and a lot.

Be sure and read the rules and all the fine print. You might be required to do some publicity and have your picture taken if you win and, be advised, your winnings are taxable income. That can influence your relationship with Uncle Sam in many ways including your Medicare payments and other government programs.

Stay away from the big-money events unless you are a serious bettor. Enjoy the mass-market contests for the pleasure. Don’t expect to get rich.

However, someone always wins and it could be you.

Robert H. Mann, a 31-year resident of Las Vegas, is the industry writer and columnist for Gaming Today newspaper and His opinions are his own and may not reflect those of Sports Handle.

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