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Terms & Conditions

The football betting information and opinions found on this website is strictly for entertainment purposes. Always confirm the wagering rules and legislation in your particular jurisdiction as they are very different from state to state. You agree to never use any of this information to contravene any law in any location. aims to always provide the most accurate and up-to-date news related to regulation and legislation in your state, but events may transpire that change things before that news can be reflected here. Always confirm the legalities in your own state with your own state officials.

Laws relating to participants in football betting may be different from those affecting advertisers or those involved in the business of gaming – the sportsbook operators and software providers themselves.

You will find odds, trends, stories and other news on this site, which is aggregated from multiple source. Odds feeds in particular may be delayed between the time they are posted on one of sponsor sites and the time that the information gets posted here. If there are ever any discrepancies, then information on the sportsbooks operator’s website shall always prevail as the  most recent and most correct information.

You agree to hold and its affiliates, subsidiaries, and contributors all harmless from any liability for any injuries, loss or damage of any kind that you may allege springs from using or visiting this site. You agree that many crediting links and sponsor links appear on websites and that can never be held liable or accountable for material or offers or promotions that may appear elsewhere.

Great pains and efforts are taken to vet advertisers and ensure they are properly licensed and regulated in the states where they operate. However, must never be held responsible for any offers, bonuses, issues or problems that arise from your decision to play on those websites.

You are solely responsible for any of the decisions you make by following links away from You may contact us to alert us to the problem and we may attempt to raise the issue with the affected sportsbook, however is not a party or a broker or a proxy for any discussions and cannot be held liable.

The site is not associated with the National Football League (NFL) or NCAA football, nor are we linked with any association, team, conference or player. We are an independent and objective third party looking to generate engaging news and informative data on football wagering.