Illinois governor has not made good on NFC title game bet

Pat Quinn has yet to volunteer at food bank Brad Biggs

Print This April 10, 2011, 11:34 AM EST

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Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn has yet to make good on a bet over the NFC Championship Game that he made.

That was 2 ½ months ago and Quinn has yet to settle up with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. In the bet between the two men, the loser has to show up in the winner’s state and volunteer in a food pantry. According to Jim Singl of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the loser also has to wear garb from the winning team.

So, that means Quinn has yet to show up decked out in his best green and gold gear at a Wisconsin food pantry. What gives? Is he weaseling out, Singl asked?

"No, no, no, absolutely not," Quinn’s spokesman Grant Klinzman said. "He fully intends to live up to the terms of the bet."

That’s nice. Was Quinn planning on settling up anytime soon or does the NFL lockout have him really down in the dumps?

"He's a very, very busy guy,” Klinzman said. “I think you guys have been pretty busy, as well.”

The report indicates Quinn planned to show up at a Milwaukee food bank on Feb. 21 but passed because lawmakers in Wisconsin were battling and after Quinn jacked up taxes in Illinois, Wisconsin has been one of many states trying to lure businesses out of Illinois.

Soon, Quinn might need to be called out. Better yet, soon he should make good on his word or he'll be yet another politician making promises he can't keep.

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