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How to Bet On Football

There is a right way and a wrong way to do everything. When it comes to how to bet on football, it’s best to learn the right way so that your first experience with this fun and potentially profitable pastime is a fair and enjoyable one. With that preamble, here are some tips and tutorials on the best ways to bet on NFL and college football action.

NFL and College Football Odds Explained

You see -7.5 and 46.5 OU flash across the TV screen or you see +10, -110 on your favorite NFL betting news website. What do those numbers mean and how do you make your best football bet based on the best odds for your game? The big college star is +1000 to win the Heisman Trophy? Your favorite team is +5000 to win their division. We explain the basics of these numbers:

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Point Spread Betting

Betting the NFL point spread remains the most popular form of football wagering. While most everyone knows how the NFL or college football point spread works, not everyone knows how the line is set, why it changes and when it might be better to bet the moneyline. Learn more.

Over Under Wagering (also called totals betting)

If you believe in defense, you dig the UNDER bet. If you love high-octane offense, watch the OVER bet. In either case, the oddsmaker isn’t fooled by easy stats so make sure you do your homework before assuming you have an easy win on the Over-Under this weekend. Learn more.

Moneyline Betting

This is more popular in hockey and baseball wagering, but has become more popular and profitable in recent years for football bettors. When is it better to bet the moneyline than the point spread? How does the -130 vs +110 terminology work? Learn more.

Props betting

Will Patrick Mahomes pass for 350+ yards this Sunday? Which player will rush for more yards in Week 2? Fantasy sports gurus will recognize these types of ‘bets within a game’ where you are picking specific outcomes, not the overall winner of the game. It’s fun and can be super profitable if done right. Learn More.

Parlay Bets

No longer are parlays considered ‘sucker bets’ and smart football bettors use parlays to get better value when wagering on big favorites. When is it a good idea to bet NFL parlays or college football parlay cards? Read the payout chart and play the odds to learn more. Learn more.

Live Betting (also called in-game betting)

Gone are the days when you made a pre-game wager and had to wait until the end of the game to collect your winnings or lament your losses. Today live football betting allows to wager all game on every game on the outcome of drives, who will score the first TD, which team will lead after the first quarter. Learn more.

Futures Betting

Football futures betting usually revolves around odds to win the Super Bowl and odds to win the college football national championship. But betting on a future outcome is popular for Heisman Trophy odds, NFL MVP betting, which team will win the SEC title, will the Patriots with the AFC East AGAIN? Learn more.

Betting Terminology

Are you a ‘sharp’ or a ‘square?’ Did your wager ‘cover the spread’ or ‘push?’ Do you know a ‘moneyline’ from a ‘puckline’ from a ‘runline?’ We explain all the football betting terminology you will encounter as you start betting and learning the various methods of online sports wagering. Learn more.

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