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Lance Briggs changes his tune on 18-game season

Says he backs what NFLPA is fighting for Brad Biggs

Print This March 20, 2011, 10:10 AM EST
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Lance Briggs was one of the few NFL players to speak out last season, saying he didn’t have a problem with an 18-game regular season.

Briggs’ teammate with the Chicago Bears, safety Chris Harris, was one of the most outspoken against an “enhanced season.” Now, the Pro Bowl linebacker has changed his tune as well as the players and owners dig in their heels in the midst of a labor battle.

“Obviously I want to play football, but I know that the (NFLPA) is working for what we are fighting for,” Briggs told the Chicago Tribune. “As far as the 18 games and everything else goes … I guess when I spoke before, I always assumed that was the way things were going to be. But if we don't have to play 18 games, a lot of people would be happier about that, just for the fact of health reasons.”

The NFL may have removed the 18-game schedule from the discussion for next season, but don’t expect this conversation to disappear for good.

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