Breaking Down OC Graham Glasgow and OG Rees Odhiambo

Graham Glasgow – OC – Michigan Size – 6063v – 306 – 5.15 (est) Strong Points – Excellent size to play any position on the O-Line. Has started games at both guard and center while at Michigan. Can snap and step and get into his blocks. Stays low on run blocks. Very athletic and can get out in front of backs in space. Alert player. Tries to be physical and finish. Weak Points – Can get tall. Especially in pass pro. Have seen him give ground to bull rushers. Needs to add strength in both his upper and lower body. Not always adjust well on the move in space. Summation – His versatility has value. Can come in as a rookie and backup at center and guard which means he dresses on Sundays. He is very athletic for a tall guy and flashes playing with top bend. Still he can get lazy with his technique and play tall. Like many college linemen, he needs to get stronger but he has the traits to be an eventual starter at center or guard by year two or three.   Rees Odhiambo – OG – Boise St Size – 6036 – 302 – 5.15 Strong Points – Athletic, strong and explosive. Plays a physical game. Can use his hands. Has “snap” through his hips to explode through opponents. Able to get movement with run blocks. Quick set in pass pro, has a strong punch and can mirror. Good anchor. Runs well Weak Points – Has trouble staying healthy. Has missed time in each if the last three seasons. Plays tackle but is lacks the height clubs want for a tackle. Inconsistent finisher in both the run and pass game. A bit small at 302. Summation – Talented player with the versatility to play tackle or guard at the next level. He is strong and athletic to go along with strength and power. Has long arms and that helps him overcome his lack of height when playing tackle. Needs technique work and also needs to gain a little bulk but he has the talent to be an eventual starter if he proves he can stay healthy. His durability concerns will get him drafted later than his talent level. Follow Greg on Twitter @greggabe

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